Media-Nav Video Player English For All Versions

Here we are, at last, for the 4.0.6/ versions of Medianav Evolution

A version of EvoSuperMod for MN2 is compatible once ONLY with version 7.0.5.

The most critical test phase has been overcome and now riamane only to chase the little faults that may occur, so I decided to open up to all the article (first password protected).


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Version 3.1
  • Startup icon “Applications” on the Home.
  • Possibility to see the video in 800 * 480, AVI format
    Opening the Video Player is important that you wait a few seconds before pressing so that the processes are blocked and the system is stable.
  • Additional Applications (TTCMD, Notepad, keyboard, Timer, Calculator).
  • browser restarts after the STOP due to the video player within a few seconds.
  • automatic audio selection.
  • Reading the file restore addition (See the bottom of the guide ” Uninstall “) automatically at startup
  • Removing the button “application” if present.
  • Added PHOTOS player.


  1. As usual, the installation is very simple, you can just extract the file “upgrade.lgu” contained in the file, add it into the USB and plug the USB in the navigator.
  2. Wait for a prompt to upgrade, and then press on “Update”
  3. Wait for the navigation system restarts and you ONLY reappears when the update screen, press the back button and remove the USB.
  4. Unplug the the pendrive connect with pc/lap
  5. You will get Tk.txt file
  6. Upload the file in your order menu in my account Page.
  7. With in a day you ill get Installation File Through your mail Id.


Key Generation if you purchased one quantity you can install one device.


  1. Download RAR File From Email
  2. Download then Extract And Copy ACT.KEY file to the pen drive.
  3. Plug to the medianav
  4. Turn On the medianav
  5. Wait for Activation Completed.


  1. Download Restore.rar
  2. Extract to Pendrive
  3. Connect Pen drive To Medianav
  4. Turn On the Medianav
  5. Medianav Ask For Uninstall Video Player
  6. Click “Yes” For Uninstall.

The procedure should be done with the engine running.

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