[MN1] Medianav Classic Reverse Cam & Speakers Activation

Activate Rear camera view and Rear Speaker in MediaNav Classic 4.0.X

 Install at your own risk, Warranty will be Void

Step 1 : Download Dboot_1.4 & dmicom_beta_1 from below links

Step 2 : Extract Zip & Copy the upgrade.lgu from dboot 1.4 folder

Step 3 : Insert the USB into MediaNav

Step 4 : Press Upgrade to Dboot 1.4

[ MediaNav will automatically restart, Don’t unplug the USB ]

Step 5:Upgrade will continue after restart

Step 6 : Power Off & On the MediaNav Using Car Key (after update)

Step 7 : Once Dboot 1.4 displayed in bottom left of Medianav , Touch the logo with your finger & Move from left to right

Step 8 :  Press Ok in the screen, to enter Windows CE 6.0

Step 9 : Touch Start, Program & Select USB PHY On

Step 10 : Extract dmicom_beta_1 Zip file and copy the folder into a formatted USB

Step 11 : Connect the USB into MediaNav

Step 12 : Open My Device , Open Drive MD , Open dmicom_beta_1/bin/dmicom.exe

[ Micom Config will open ]

Step 13 : Choose Environment , Choose Fitted option in Rear view cam & Rear loudspeakers

Step 14 : Touch Write ECU config to register the setting

Step 15 : Choose Rearview Camera option

Step 16 : Choose Guideline for x87 in vehicle type for RVC, then Write Guideline

Step 17 : Change RVC Display tempo.time (last option) to 500 [BS= Backspace],
Then Write Tempo.time

Step 18: After all above Steps, Press Enregister

[MediaNav will restart automatically]


Video Tutorial for Software Installation:

Dboot_1.4 : Download

dmicom_beta_1 : Download

[Extract Zip files and copy Upgrade.lgu files to formatted USB]

 Tutorial for Reverse Cable Connections : 

Tutorial for Speaker Cable Connection : 


Rear Speaker cable for Renault MediaNav
Rear View Camera Connection Cable For Renault Medianav

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