Update 6.0.X / 7.0.X/8.0.X To 9.1.1/9.1.3

15.00 $ 12.00 $

Installation :
To Update 6.0.X /7.0.X/8.0.5 To 9.1.1 version simply download this file Download and follow the usual procedure:

  • Take the “upgrade.lgu” file and put it in a USB  FAT32 formatted .
  • Insert the USB with the file in the browser and thus turn on the machine.
  • Accept the update proposed on-screen and wait for yet proposed the update (DO NOT turn off the engine, in medianav may restart).
  • Stop the engine, disconnect the USB and go back to your PC.
  • Re-format the USB


  • ‎This File used to Softwere Update.
  • It fix slowdown of medianav also

Buy and Download.


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