The new update 7.0.5MD For Classic 4.0.X [MN1]

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This version was created by the French forum, in 7.0.5 is not an official update NOT turns Medianav (MN1) to Medianav Evolution (MN2). This step will void the warranty and the author of this article, this site or the forum are responsible for any kind of problem. All via the guide, should be no problem.


To do so is downloaded this file DOWNLOAD and follow the following steps:

Extract the contents to a folder of the downloaded file.
Take the upgrade.lgu file in the folder ” “.
Put it in a USB FAT32 formatted .
Insert the USB with the file in the browser and thus turn on the machine.
Accept the proposed update screen and press ” Update ”
Wait for the navigation system is turned on and check the version.
If the update is offered again, ignore it by pressing the home button.
It can happen that the browser does not control the functions in paragraph RESET at the bottom.
You will also need to search the radio stations if they are not present .
Stop the engine, disconnect the USB and go back to your PC.
Remove the “upgrade.lgu” files from USB.
If you have installed the SuperMod my advice is to reinstall it


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